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Love yourself enough to give yourself the chance to improve, because you're worth it.

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Reflexologist in Chesterfield

I began as a Reflexologist in Chesterfield, studying the Mind/Body link, and have since gone into other completementary therapies that enhance my work. Welcome to my site, and I hope you find what you're looking for.
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Reflexology in Chesterfield

Are you looking for a Reflexologist located  in  Chesterfield? 
Trained at the Churchill Centre, near Marble Arch, London, by the legendary Jane Vukovic, I have over 22 years of experience in private practice.
I look forward to helping you with this drug-free therapy, which combats a wide range of health issues.
­From my practice in 45 Clarence Road, I offer 1-hour sessions of Reflexology at £25.00 per session, on Tues,  Wed, Thurs, Sat or Sun.
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Self Improvement in


Are you looking for Self Improvement classes in Chesterfield?


I am currently working on classes I will offer when they ready to go and will help you achieve a better you!



These classes will be run either at Clarence Road or at the Friends' Meeting House, Ashgate Road.



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Are you looking for EFT in Chesterfield?
Trained to Level 2 in this technique, EFT involves tapping with fingers on
selective meridians, to effect beneficial change  in the energy flow.  Client and practitioner work together to find   and speak out certain relevant keywords and statements during the session, to also address the mind/body link. 
As with acupuncture and acupressure, once EFT has enabled energy pathways to flow once more, healing can often result.


A 1-hour session is £25.00, on Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat or Sun.



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EFT in Chesterfield

Counselling in Chesterfield

Trained in Counselling Skills at Buxton High Peak college, (CSCT) I offer the following:
One-to-one sessions at Clarence Road, or by telephone.
Couples counselling at Clarence Road.
Small groups, of up to four persons at Clarence Road.
Individuals, couples or small group sessions all at £25.00 for the hour (regardless of how many are attending) on Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat or Sun.



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Coaching in Chesterfield

Trained in Life Coaching to Diploma level, by the Newcastle College of Further Education, I deliver Life Coaching in the following ways:
In person
Over the telephone
The latter two choices make distance no object.
If you need help to reorganise yourself or aspects of your life, and you've either failed or not given it your best, let Life Coaching give you the tools you need  to move forward.


Whether you choose the telephone or in person at Clarence Road, the sessions are £35.00 each for either 4 or 6 sessions in total. 



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