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Wendy Garrison Todd  Complimentary Therapist

Teaching in Meditation,

Creative Visualization &

Personal Development for use in





All available at 45 Clarence Road, Chesterfield

MEDITATION in Chesterfield

Want to learn Meditation in Chesterfield?  Are you looking to find some peace in this stressful world, to help you cope? Have you found a meditation group but no one to teach you personally how to do Meditation in Chesterfield?


During your session, I offer instruction on the understanding and practical application of meditation.  I teach meditation techniques to help you still your mind – encouraging physical and mental relaxation of the body – which is invaluable in combatting all types of stress.
One-to-one, for personal tuition, or maybe bring up to three friends and all learn together?­

Session Combinations

One person:

First session:  1½ hours at £30.00.
Subsequent sessions, 1 hour at £25.00.

Two people:

First session: 1½ hours at £20.00 each.
Subsequent sessions, 1 hour at £15.00 each.

Three people:

First session: 1½ hours at £15.00 each.
Subsequent sessions, 1 hour at £12.00 each

Four people:

First session: 1½ hours at £12.50 each.
Subsequent sessions, 1 hour at £10.00 each.
Hours to suit on either Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat or Sun.
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A brilliant self-help tool, Creative Visualization can be applied to mental, emotional and physical states. During your session I can help you to identify your areas of need that would benefit from creative visualisation. Once you learn the  'how to',  it encourages you  to use it to your short-term and long-term benefit.
Once learned, it is a self-help tool for life.

Creative Visualisation

in Chesterfield

How Does Creative Visualisation Work?

'For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.'

(Prov 23:7)

Clearing Something Up, First...

"When I close my eyes, I see nothing.  I won't be able to do it."
Yes, you will.  Visualising does not mean seeing something like in a movie.  Think 'loaf of bread'.  Really think about that loaf of bread - the type, shape, size, colour, etc.  Got it?  Along with the thought you get a mental idea of what that item looks like.  Think of a loved-one's face right now.  Pause to do this.  Got it?  It's a mental knowledge  and nothing truly visible and yet you could describe what you're 'seeing'.  Just as if I said 'apple' to you now, you'd mentally get the image of an apple, but without acutally seeing it.  That's how you 'see'.   
So in Creative Visualisation, you will be thinking about what you want to change, thinking about what you want to bring about, and that mental ideal will bring its own form of visualisation (or recognition) that is nothing obviously visual.­
Your Body
Immune System
General Health
Mental Responses
Peace of Mind
Life in General
One of the oldest sayings I know is: 'As you think, so shall it be,' which promotes that thought (from the heart) has the power to create and bring about change.  It's another way of saying, 'As you think now, so shall you draw to and create for yourself in your near-future.'


The possibilities for Creative Visualisation are as endless as thought itself, and a powerful projection of thought has long-since been understood to bring about change.  So you can work on bringing about beneficial changes in your life, your body, your work, etc. for your future – for as you think now, so shall you create.

What Can It Do For Me?

Your thoughts can be mental, emotional, subconscious, etc.   Among other areas they can affect:
In any of the above areas, once you 'see' or imagine any of these areas to be in a different state, you can hope to draw that new and improved state to you.
First session:  1hr at £25.00.
Subsequent sessions: 1hr at £25.00




Personal Development, as a self-help tool, can bring about a desired and positive change in a person.

How could it help you?  

Do you have trouble saying no, cluttering your life and robbing you of your time?     
Is the past holding you back and you need to move forward?
Do you want to believe in yourself, your abilities and possibilities?
   Would you like to overcome repeating patterns?
Need to increase your confidence and self-assurance?
Could you be more than you are?
These areas and many others may benefit from Personal Development.
Each session will be specific to you and your needs, helping you to grow in your chosen direction. 
Try the Self-Help tools that Personal Development can provide.


Learn about yourself and your triggers.  Get to know yourself.  See how that knowledge could improve your life and the way you feel about yourself.

Know Thyself

Self Help in Chesterfield, with Personal Development

First session:  1hr at £25.00.
Subsequent sessions: 1hr at £25.00