Wendy Garrison Todd

Counsellor in Chesterfield

I offer 1-hour totally confidential counselling sessions from my private practice in Clarence Road, at £25.00 per hour, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday.


Telephone (landline) counselling also available.


Looking for a counsellor in Chesterfield?  With a CSCT in Counselling, I can promise you a non-judgemental 'safe space' for you to explore any problems, difficulties or challenges you may be facing at this time.


Counselling is about you and your reactions to the things that have happened to you, or the thought-patterns you have developed.  It is about the here and now, the way you walk into your future and the way you make peace with your past and move forward. 

Why Counselling?


Talking something through, making things clearer in your mind, has always been beneficial. Exploring your options, once things are clearer, is even more beneficial. Counselling offers both of these aspects of exploration, from which you may move forward.

Emotional Health


Emotional health is very important to your general well-being. Counselling offers emotional support while you explore your issues. Mental suppression takes energy to keep it locked inside, whether it's an issue with awkward neighbours, a job concern, or painful times from the past. This lack of energy through suppression compromises your ability to be 'fully present' in the here and now, to take up your challenges in life and move forward with confidence.


The Mind/Body Link


The Mind/Body Connection is a powerful thing - it's now considered that when a person's emotions and thoughts are upset and overactive with concerns or worries, there is a chance it may cause negative reactions in the physical body, including stress, headaches, tension, high blood pressure, insomnia and ulcers. So exploring your issues may improve your physical body as well as your emotional well-being and self-esteem.


What Would You Use Counselling For?


     Counselling may be used to:
          Explore your emotions, to effect beneficial personal change.
          Consider your options in the workplace.
          Identify underlying issues that may be blocking your progress.
          Explore where you would like to be (on any level) and how best to get there.
          Discuss and work with partnership issues.
          Improve your self-esteem.
          Explore any important change you may wish to make, before you act, to give you the best insight  
          into your motives and expectations.
          Explore how the death of a loved one has affected you.
          Explore emotional issues, either current or from the past.
          Discover your own strengths and coping skills.
          Discover a way of looking at a known problem or difficulty in a different way.
          Explore how to turn around negative thinking, either your own or the negative thoughts/actions of
          others that may be hurting you.
          Develop personal awareness, empowerment, development and growth.
          Gain control over your thoughts and actions and take control of your life.
          Explore how to balance family commitments with outside influences and expectations.


What You Can Expect from Me


For an in-person session, you will be welcomed at my practice room in Chesterfield and provided with a safe space in which to look at yourself, your thoughts and your issues.


          You will have complete privacy during in-person sessions.
          Confidentiality is assured, although you must ensure your privacy if conducting telephone
          Exploration and revelation during your sessions will move forward at your pace, not mine.
          I will never tell you what to think or how to act.
          I will never judge you, your thoughts, your actions, etc., nor shall I judge the actions of those
          who may have impacted on you, whatever you may tell me.
          You can never 'let me down'. If you change your mind about something later, that is your free
          will. It's about you, not me.


How Are the Sessions Conducted?


In person
You may opt to see me at my practice in Chesterfield, where you can be assured of not being overheard as you reveal your situation and your thoughts, and explore your options.

By Telephone
If you are uncomfortable with a face-to-face session, you may pay for your session prior to a mutually agreed time and date for me to telephone you.


On the Internet
I do not offer sessions conducted over the internet as I consider that concentrating on typing and spelling may give you a poorer-quality session.  Slower typists would also not have good value.


Session Length


Each session will last for one hour in total, a strict 'rule' as it sometimes gives you the opportunity to open up about something and then leave, knowing there's a 'safety' in the fact that there's no time left to discuss it. By the time you return for your next session, should you choose to continue exploring that particular subject, you will have spent time considering the situation and may be more ready to talk about it.


Protection and Confidentiality


All session notes are filed on a memory stick that is password controlled. None of the session material and information will ever be stored on a computer hard-drive. The memory sticks are stored in a locked drawer and the notes taken during the session(s) are destroyed by shredding once the information has been transferred.



If you would like any further information,
find me through Contact on the menu.