Wendy Garrison Todd

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Life Coach in Chesterfield

With small or larger issues, Life Coaching is beneficial in moving your life forward, to where you'd prefer it to be.
Trained to Diploma level by the Newcastle College of Further Education, I would be honoured to help you help yourself to a better life.
£35 each weekly session, for 4 - 6 weeks.

How Life Coaching

Will Work For You

Have you tried to succeed at something and fallen repeatedly?  Not managed to get there alone?  Let Life Coaching bring out your own plans and strategies. 
Set your own goals, week by week, and conquer that mountain. Achieve!  It's within you. 

What is Life Coaching?


Have you ever tried to achieve something on your own, and failed? New Year's Resolutions?Losing weight? Maybe other goals that you might have set for yourself and never seen through to a reality? Is it annoying you that you can't seem to get there on your own? If so, Life Coaching may be for you.


With Life Coaching You Will:


          Choose a duration of either 4 or 6 weeks.
          Target your primary goal with Life Coaching aids.
          Agree manageable and achievable smaller steps each week, towards your goal.
          Realise your goal by the end of your final session.
          Receive email & telephone back up, support and encouragement throughout.

­How Are the Sessions Carried Out?


Distance is no object as sessions can be conducted in the following ways:
          Life Coaching in Chesterfield - at my Clarence Road practice.
          Life Coaching by phone - I call your landline, at pre-arranged times, for your one-hour weekly sessions.


Life Coaching vs. Counselling

Life Coaching is not Counselling - the two are completely different. There is no counselling in Life Coaching at all.
Counselling helps you to explore and work through your feelings, thoughts and emotions.
Life Coaching helps you to achieve something, usually something you've already thought about, and you're now looking for help to make it happen.
With Life Coaching you can achieve. And when you have, why stop at one goal?



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