Wendy Garrison Todd (MAR) Reflexologist in Chesterfield
I offer one-hour sessions of Reflexology at £25 per session, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.



   Wendy Garrison Todd (MAR)


Considered to stretch way back into antiquity, working on the energy zones of the body to bring about improved health has long been documented.  Come and see what this remarkable therapy may do for you. 

Reflexologist in Chesterfield


What is Reflexology?


If you cut your finger, you heal - your body knows how.  By applying pressure with the thumbs to reflex points in the feet, ten major reflex zones are stimulated, improving your energy flow.  This aids bodily balance and stimulates your own natural self-healing abilities.


What Can Reflexology Help With?


This natural and popular reflex zone therapy boosts the Immune System, cleanses Toxins, and encourages a Balance in the Glandular System.  It combats a wide variety of issues, including:
Stress – Back pain - Arthritis - Whiplash - Migraine Headaches - MS - Insomnia - Hormonal Imbalance - Menopause Symptoms - Parkinson's - Frozen Shoulder - Depression – Post Viral Issues – RSI – Neuralgia - Sporting Injuries – and many more.


What To Expect During a Session


I shall work on your bare feet with my thumbs and fingers while you relax on a couch. Occasionally you may experience tender areas in certain points on the feet, which will resolve quickly as I work the reflex points. Mostly the experience will be one of enjoyment and relaxation. And no... it doesn't tickle.


How Many Sessions?


A single session has been known to effect the required change, although how many sessions you'll need will depend entirely on the reason for your visits. Some issues are resolved in a few weeks while others can take longer.
I recommend 4 sessions, a week apart, at the end of which you'll tell me if you think there is any further progress to be made and book accordingly. Alternately, you may find you only need 2 or 3 treatments.

The History of Reflexology


Reflexology has its roots in history, as far back as 2330 BC (Egypt), 2704 BC (China) and 690 AD (Japan) where an energy flow in the body was understood and worked with along reflex zones to bring about improved health.
In modern times a US doctor, Dr William Fitzgerald, discovered at the turn of the last century that elastic bands tied around fingers numbed teeth. Dr. Joe Shelby Riley, a colleague of Fitzgerald's, passed the information on to a physiotherapist in his employ in Florida, Eunice Ingham, and it was she who developed foot reflex zone therapy in the early 1930's. Eunice Ingham wrote the first ever book on the subject. Ms Ingham trained Doreen Bayley, who brought Reflexology to England in 1966, training Jane Vukovich, who later taught me.
Early books on Reflexology include: Stories the Feet Can Tell' by Doreen Bayley and 'Reflexology Today: The Stimulation of the Body's Healing Forces through Foot Massage' by Doreen Bayley.